Profiles Performance Indicator™

Profiles Performance Indicator™

The Profiles Performance Indicator™ is used primarily for motivating and coaching employees, and resolving post-hire conflict and employee performance issues.

Profiles Performance Indicator™ (PPI) is a performance-based employee assessment solution that generates a report, which will help you boost employees’ morale and productivity.

Assessment Overview

This solution provides you with valuable insight into how an individual can be motivated and managed to operate at peak performance. The PPI also provides recommendations for improving employee performance. These recommendations can help you:

  • Respond to job-related stress, frustration, and conflict
  • Boost employee motivation
  • Conduct effective performance appraisals
  • Determine whether the employee is internally motivated, or will need external stimulation


The Profiles Performance Indicator™ is used to understand employees’ behavioral characteristics, and shows you how to use this knowledge to increase employee performance.