eSkill – The Next Generation of Skills Assessment

eSkill provides online skills assessments to help you appraise the skills and knowledge of job candidates and current employees.

Assessment Overview

eSkill is an online skills assessment tool that helps you evaluate the skills and knowledge of job candidates and current employees. The test content is created by subject matter experts and provides a predictive evaluation of competency levels. eSkill also lets you assess training needs of current employees with skills gap analysis and benchmarking.

You can write your own questions from scratch, or convert paper versions of skills into an online eSkill assessment. In addition, you can edit existing questions to meet your specific testing needs.

Whether you need a standard test on a specific subject, or a multi-subject test customized for a complex job requirement, eSkill’s powerful software – combined with more than 350 subjects and thousands of modular topics – delivers  the results to meet your needs.

About eSkill

Since 2003, eSkill has helped companies worldwide assess millions of candidates for job skill fit. Their test-building software and dynamic content allows organizations to easily customize tests to fit a wide variety of job descriptions and testing objectives.
Specific test subjects include:

  • Accounting and Financial
  • Call Center
  • Database and Business Intelligence
  • Desktop Publishing Software
  • Engineering, Industrial, and Design
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Hardware and Networking
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Typing and Data Entry
  • Human Resources
  • Legal, Safety, and Administration
  • Lotus
  • Management
  • Microsoft Office Software
  • Operating Systems and Internet Browsers
  • Retail
  • Sales and Marketing
  • And many more!